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Registered Physiotherapist

Jumana Khambatwala

Jumana graduated from D Y Patil College of Physiotherapy in Mumbai, India in April 2012 and practiced there until 2018. In 2019, Jumana moved to Ottawa where she is now practicing as a Registered Physiotherapist.

Jumana decided to become a Physiotherapist because of her interest in human anatomy and kinetics and her passion to help people. For her, the most amazing part of being a Physiotherapist is problem solving, clinical reasoning and communication with patients. She believes that since no two patients are ever the same, the approach and treatment for every individual also may not be the same. She is grateful every day in practice for the opportunity to meet, engage with, and help people from all stages of life.

Jumana believes that physiotherapy just doesn’t help patients with their ailments but also helps them with their confidence and quality of life. As a Physiotherapist, her goal is always to have a holistic and patient centric approach that will make them feel better and also help them to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Jumana’s physiotherapy techniques include Manual Therapy like Mckenzie and Mulligan Mobilization, Acupuncture, K Taping, Exercise Therapy and Trigger point release. She has also completed her specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

When not at work, Jumana enjoys traveling, going on hikes, and exploring new places. In addition, she likes to do DIY activities.