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Priyanka Anand

Registered Physiotherapist

Priyanka has been providing physiotherapy services since 2014 after she graduated with Masters of Physiotherapy in Neurology from Lovely Professional University, India. She has been treating various neurological cases like Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s disease, Spinal cord Injuries, Gross Motor Delay, Torticollis , Multiple Sclerosis and so on using various physiotherapy approaches like muscle conditioning, core strengthening, sit-stand balance training, gait training strategies and co-ordination training.

Priyanka is also near completion of her PhD in neurological Physiotherapy specifically in Unilateral Neglect after Stroke.

Apart from paediatric and geriatric caseload, Priyanka has also been treating a variety of Musculoskeletal and sports injuries including muscle strains or ligament sprains, osteo-arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, low back pain, nerve stretching for sciatica etc. She has also been using Hands-on techniques and fascial-stretching techniques in her practice.

She also has a keen interest in Pelvic Physiotherapy and is working towards getting certified in treating pelvic conditions as well.

During leisure time, she enjoys outdoors with her daughter and husband. She loves to go out in nature and embrace it