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In-Home Therapeutics is proud to offer professional in home physiotherapy services in Toronto and the surrounding areas for you or a loved one. Whether you need home exercises for post-operative rehabilitation or personalized treatment for a neurological disorder, you’re in excellent and caring hands.

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Award-Winning Home Physiotherapy

Discover the exceptional quality and personalized care offered by our expert home physiotherapists. Home care physiotherapy is about restoring your physical health in the comfort of a home environment, making you feel comfortable and looked after. We understand that travelling can be a common barrier for those with physical conditions, so we’re here to provide you with care remotely.

Our mobile physiotherapy clinic also stores high-quality equipment that will help you on your recovery journey, no matter where you are in the house. Here at In-Home Therapeutics, we will always put you or a family member first.

Our promise to you for home physiotherapy

We promise to provide top-notch in-home physiotherapy tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Not only that, but our registered physiotherapists have specialized knowledge and skills to offer in-home physiotherapy for seniors and anyone who wants to get back on their feet without stubborn pain.

At our remote clinic, we also understand that some people cannot move or find a carer who can assist with their travelling requirements. Our number one mission is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, making in-home care the best treatment for protecting your physical and mental health.

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Revolutionary Home-Based Physiotherapy

Discover a new era of home physiotherapy care with our innovative, fully mobile physiotherapy clinic. We specialize in personalized, home-based physiotherapy, equipped with the latest technology and research to offer top-quality care. All you need to do is stay in your preferred home while we bring the magic to you.

Our services range from musculoskeletal physiotherapy and pain management to acupuncture and dry needling for relieving inflammation. With these options, you can choose an in-home physical therapy technique that works for your health goals.

Tailored Patient Experience

Our registered physiotherapists are dedicated to providing a patient-focused approach. Every session of at-home physiotherapy is one-on-one, lasting an hour to ensure personalized attention and unhurried treatment.

You can also discuss future improvements and how we can change exercise therapy to cater to your needs. We want optimal outcomes for your recovery, so don’t be afraid to be honest or ask questions regarding our services.

Prompt and Convenient Service

We value your time and prioritize quick and easy scheduling for smooth in-home physiotherapy. With a free phone consultation, we can start physiotherapy in your home within days, eliminating long wait times.

Many physiotherapy clinics have limited appointments and demanding wait times, which we want to avoid when caring for your health. Therefore, we work remotely using portable, high-end equipment to offer better care in less time!

Accessible and Affordable Care

We believe in providing accessible care without sacrificing quality. Our fully mobile model offers competitive pricing comparable to local physiotherapy clinics. This is because we lack overhead and only work remotely, meaning no extra costs for building rent, scheduling rates, and utilities.

In-Home Therapeutics also accepts private health insurance for added convenience. WSIB, BlueCross, and Veterans Affairs can also cover it

Check out what our patients are saying about
In-home Therapeutics

  • Jenny Lee is so professional and thorough I feel so confident in what she does and it certainly handled my pain, it is great to have in home physio, I would recommend Jenny any time.Thanks for everything Barb

    Barbara Bell Avatar Barbara Bell
    September 14, 2021

    Jenny helped me after my hip surgery. She is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend!

    Sandy Murray Avatar Sandy Murray
    September 14, 2021

    I’ve had numerous great experiences with in-home therapeutics, Jen has always been able to pin point the problem and deliver effective treatment excercises that work fast. 10/10 recommend!

    Grant Wilson Avatar Grant Wilson
    September 14, 2021
  • I was referred to Jenny Lee by my brother who was previously treated by her. The in-home service is unique and convenient, but what really stood out in this experience compared to some of my previous experiences in physiotherapy was that the therapist really took the time to help me understand the problem I was having with my foot and worked with me on a realistic treatment plan. For example, she initially recommended certain taping techniques to relieve some pain when I walk, but when I told her that I was unlikely to comply on a regular basis she shifted gears and we came up with a treatment plan that I can stick with. I would highly recommend the service.

    Shawn Maloney Avatar Shawn Maloney
    September 14, 2020

    In home therapeutics has been an amazing experience ever since my accident they have helped me in every step to getting recovered highly recommended!

    Gab cyr Avatar Gab cyr
    September 14, 2022

    Physiotherapy with Jenny Lee as made an indescribable difference to my sister. Jenny’s approach is always positive and her advice, professionalism, genuine caring approach to challenges is unsurpassed. We are so grateful for this wonderful service that promotes physio services to individuals who would not have been able to receive these services otherwise. Thank Jenny !

    Heather Duffy Avatar Heather Duffy
    September 14, 2022
  • I’ve been a patient of Jenny’s for over 2 years. She was essential in helping me solidify an accurate diagnosis for years of misdiagnosed hip pain. I’ve now recovering from my second total replacement. Having Jenny’s support and guidance through this process has been invaluable. Her professionalism and knowledge combined with her light hearted approach has made this a smoother process for me.

    Kyle Pierce Avatar Kyle Pierce
    September 14, 2022

    Brent was excellent with Jim.very patient n taught him to do the stair. He’s very comfortable with the stairs now Sorry shld be the two pictures on the right

    Eve Lesley Avatar Eve Lesley
    June 14, 2023

    Jenny has helped me through various different injuries, she is very attentive and always seems to find the root cause of what is causing me pain and always comes up with a great treatment/ exercise plan for me to follow so I can get on the path to feeling better. Highly recommend !!!

    ryan mcdonald Avatar ryan mcdonald
    September 14, 2020

In-Home Physiotherapy Near Me

Are you eager to start this care from the comfort of your home? We have home physiotherapists in various locations waiting to inspire change. Take a look at in-home psychotherapy near you below, but make sure to call us if you can’t see your area.

Home Physiotherapy Services

In-Home Therapeutics is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality care that caters to your needs. Our team wants to save you the fuss of driving and finding extra time off work, making remote physiotherapy suitable for everyone. You can receive personalized treatment or arrange a plan for your family member.

Contact us now by calling our number or completing a patient form. You can talk with one of our physiotherapy coordinators, who will learn more about your problem and match you with an expert for the best care. All you need to do is wait for a call within 24-48 hours, and someone will come back to you with a comprehensive plan and start date for in-home physiotherapy.