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In-Home Therapeutics provides quality in-home physiotherapy in Etobicoke tailored to your physical requirements. We have expert mobile physiotherapists who can create a personalized treatment plan according to your goals. 

Instead of having to travel to a clinic, our team of Etobicoke physiotherapists can bring their expertise and equipment directly to your home. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who have difficulty moving. In-Home Therapeutics will assess and treat a variety of conditions, such as injuries, chronic pain, or mobility issues. 

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Award Winning In-Home Physiotherapy in Etobicoke

Experience the unparalleled quality and personalized attention delivered by our team of expert home physiotherapists. With their extensive expertise and specialized skills, we offer outstanding in-home physiotherapy in Etobicoke customized specifically for your individual requirements. 

Being treated at home provides a familiar and comfortable environment for you or a loved one who needs special care. Choosing our in-home physiotherapy in Etobicoke can offer several advantages:

Undivided Attention

In-home physiotherapy appointments are 45-60 minutes of one-on-one time with the Etobicoke physiotherapist.


Save the fuss of driving, parking, finding a ride, taking time off work, or finding a sitter. We show up. We treat. We leave.

Increased Control

We make sure that we fit in-home physiotherapy around your schedule and environment, not the other way around.

Effective Home Physiotherapy

Studies have shown home physiotherapy to be just as effective, if not more effective, than physiotherapy provided in a traditional clinic.


Our pricing model allows us to offer home visit physiotherapy services comparable in price to your local physiotherapy clinic. Our services are covered by most private insurance.

Expert Specific Care

We will match you with one of our expert mobile physiotherapists from our Etobicoke team who specializes in your specific condition.

How Does In-Home Physiotherapy Work?

In-home physiotherapy involves one of our qualified mobile physiotherapists travelling to your home. Our booking and consultation process is quick and convenient, meaning you can get an appointment in no time. In-Home Therapeutics follows a simple four-step process catered to your schedule and needs.

Contact Us to Start

Call: (343) 370-7393 or Email:

Let Us Get to Know You

Speak with our physiotherapy coordinator, who will get to know you and match you with the home physiotherapist in your community who is best suited to help you reach your goals.

Wait for a Call

The physiotherapist will call you to introduce themselves and schedule your first appointment for home visit physiotherapy within 24-48 hours.

Let Us Come to You

Your physiotherapist will show up at your door with their fully equipped mobile physiotherapy clinic in Etobicoke and start your journey back to better health, mobility and movement.

Conditions We Treat

Our mobile physiotherapists at In-Home Therapeutics can help treat various conditions. Whether you’re experiencing back pain, muscle discomfort, or general pain from surgery, our Etobicoke physiotherapists can give you the care you need.




Senior Care

Our Promise to You from the Home Physiotherapy Clinic in Etobicoke

In-Home Therapeutics promises to offer unparalleled convenience and comfort as we bring personalized care directly to your home. Our approach saves valuable time, eliminating the need for travel and waiting rooms. Being one of the best home physiotherapy clinics in Etobicoke, we can transform your healthcare experience, making it more patient-centric and conducive to optimal recovery.

Quality At-home Physiotherapy Services

Our commitment is to deliver top-notch, award-winning, specialized, at-home physiotherapy care in Etobicoke. Our goal is to bring the standards of renowned physiotherapy clinics right to your doorstep.

Mobile Physiotherapy Services

We provide mobile and home-based physiotherapy services with the latest equipment, technology, and research, making us a specialized and convenient option for home physiotherapy.

Personalized Patient Care

Our registered physiotherapists offer one-on-one hour-long appointments for personalized care, specializing in home physiotherapy. We do not cut treatments short, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

Prompt and Convenient Home Physiotherapy Care

We prioritize prompt, hassle-free appointments and offer a free initial consultation over the phone to start home physiotherapy within days. Our mobile services make us an excellent choice for home physiotherapy.

Affordable Home Physiotherapy

Our fully mobile model allows us to offer home physiotherapy services that are competitively priced with local Etobicoke clinics. We offer the convenience of direct billing to private health insurance, thereby alleviating any concerns regarding payment and potential insurance reimbursement.

How Our Mobile Physiotherapists in Etobicoke Can Help You

Our dedicated team of mobile physiotherapists in Etobicoke can bring their knowledge to your doorstep. We prioritize your convenience and comfort, meaning at-home setting allows for a more personalized approach. This not only enhances the effectiveness of the physiotherapy but also accelerates the healing process.

Modern treatments, such as acupuncture and dry needling, are also offered to those who have pain, inflammation, and muscle tension. Our professionals can help you choose a treatment that best matches your current physical condition. 

Whether you’re dealing with injuries, chronic pain, or mobility issues from post-op surgery, our mobile physiotherapists in Etobicoke provide accessible and stress-free care. Contact In-Home Therapeutics for more guidance on booking an appointment and getting the care you deserve. 

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What Are Our Patients Saying About Their Experience With In-home Therapeutics in Etobicoke?

  • In-home Therapeutics was beyond exceptional. Very innovative service offering home physiotherapy in Ottawa. I highly recommend it. They offer the same services that you would receive at a top-end Physio clinic, but in the convenience of your home. Great team all working together to help the patient. You also get a full 60 minutes one-on-one with the Physio, unlike some clinics I’ve been to in the past. Awesome service!

    Coleen Hurley Avatar Coleen Hurley
    December 14, 2022

    So grateful to have been able to work with Jenny after a knee surgery. Jenny is professional, personable, and super knowledgeable. Her care was tailored directly to my needs and helped me return quickly to full functionality. Having physio in my home made it much easier to engage in the full treatment and meet my goals for recovery. I highly recommend Jenny!

    Sandra Eckersley Avatar Sandra Eckersley
    September 14, 2021

    Julia is an amazing , professional therapist. She is kind, thoughtful and so very knowledgeable . The benefits of all this have been life changing

    Margaret Rhind Avatar Margaret Rhind
    October 14, 2022
  • I can’t recommend Jenny of In-Home Therapeutics enough! She has really been extraordinary and gone above & beyond. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her assessments, but she keeps you involved in your treatment plan/goal setting and is able to quickly pivot and change directions with your treatment as your situation changes. Having a physiotherapist that comes to your home is so unique and convenient as well! It made accessing physio possible when mobility was an issue, and has since made physio more comfortable having it in my own environment. Thank you so much Jenny for all your help, advice, skills & expertise, you have definitely played a huge part in my successful recovery journey!

    Julie Sabourin Avatar Julie Sabourin
    September 14, 2022

    Nothing but a great, convenient experience!

    Melissa Piche Avatar Melissa Piche
    September 14, 2022

    Jenny has helped me so much since my cancer Treatments. I was at a point where I could not walk or get out of my chair. I thought for sure this situation was going to be the rest of my life. I contacted a physio therapist who is considered the best. I needed my treatment to be done at home. Oh with covid going around. Jenny promised me I would be walking within four sessions. Well I was. I continue today to have her come in and give me her magic touch since my cancer has decided to give me another round of pain after being in remission. You need help recuperating if you've had an accident or just old like me Jenny can help . She's the best.

    norm vachon Avatar norm vachon
    September 14, 2021
  • Jenny helped me after my hip surgery. She is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend!

    Sandy Murray Avatar Sandy Murray
    September 14, 2021

    Julia was very helpful in my recovery, offered great advice and answered all my questions. New exercises were emailed to me to make it easy to follow. All in all a very positive experience.

    Kandie Williams Avatar Kandie Williams
    September 14, 2022

    My experience with " In home Therapeutics " is ranked 10 out of 10. Julia is my therapist and she is very professional. Julia is patient and makes sure that her patients understands the exercise and explains the purpose of it, with some exercises she will work along side of you to encourage you, I found that very help full. When a future need arrives, I will gladly use " In home Therapeutics " O. Lapierre

    reina lapierre Avatar reina lapierre
    March 14, 2023

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