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As we age, our bodies undergo a wide variety of changes. These changes can often impact they way we live our lives. Unfortunately, the changes our bodies undergo as we age are not always positive. Arthritis, reduced muscle and bone density, and the presence of age-related health conditions can cause older adults have to give certain activities. On the more drastic end of the spectrum, older adults may loose their ability to remain independent. Fortunately, physiotherapy has been shown to slow down, and even reverse, the age related changes that our bodies go through. In-home physiotherapy in-particular has been shown to achieve this with significant success.

We offer:

  • Medical exercise programs catered to those with multiple co-morbidities
  • Strength and mobility exercise programs to help seniors maintain independence
  • Supervised in-home exercise programs that are safe and effective

Did you know that an average of one to two in-home physiotherapy sessions per week can help lower the risk of re-hospitalization by up to 82 percent in older adults?

(Journal of the American Medical Directors Association)
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