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Physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Did you know that if you have been injured in a car accident, your physiotherapy can be covered by your (or the counterparts) car insurance? Once you start an insurance claim, we will work directly with your insurance to organize and bill your physiotherapy. Home physiotherapy can be approved by motor vehicle accident (MVA) insurance for the benefit of many patients, including:

  • patients whose injury or pain makes commuting difficulty 
  • patients who do not drive, either due to the accident or in general
  • patients who live in a remote area in Eastern Ontario with limited options for physiotherapy
  • those who experience co-morbidities along side their injury, such as headaches and anxiety.
  • those who would prefer the convenience of conducting their physiotherapy in their own home.

If you are looking to start physiotherapy after your car accident, we will work with your adjuster to ensure coverage and a smooth start to your physiotherapy journey. We will travel to you and treat you in your own home.

Call to start your workplace injury physiotherapy today: (343) 370-7393

We offer physiotherapist services fully covered under your car insurance for motor vehicle accidents (MVA) in: Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, and Russell.