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We bring the physiotherapy to you

We bring the physiotherapy to you

Award winning Home Physiotherapy in Ottawa

We bring the physiotherapy clinic to you

The In-home Therapeutics difference

Revolutionary Home-Based Physiotherapy:
Discover a new era of home physiotherapy care with our innovative fully mobile physiotherapy clinic. We specialize in personalized, home-based physiotherapy, equipped with the latest technology and research to offer top-quality care.

Tailored Patient Experience:
We take pride in being a small, dedicated team that focuses on delivering exceptional service. Unlike larger corporations, we have the advantage of maintaining a close-knit approach, allowing us to provide more personalized care, tailored treatment plans, and a greater level of attention to your specific needs. Our commitment to individualized care sets us apart and ensures that you receive the highest standard of service for your recovery journey

Prompt and Convenient Service:
We value your time and prioritize quick and easy scheduling. With a free phone consultation, we can get you started with physiotherapy in your own home within days, eliminating long wait times.

Accessible and Affordable Care:
We believe in providing accessible care without sacrificing quality. Our fully mobile model allows us to offer competitive pricing that is comparable to local physiotherapy clinics, and we accept private health insurance for added convenience.

We ❤️ community involvement.

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