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Frequently Asked Questions

What is In-home Therapeutics?

We are a team of expert physiotherapists that have come together to bridge the gap that prevents individuals in Eastern Ontario from easily accessing physiotherapy. We know that there can be many barriers that prevent you from reaching your health goals, and we are here to eliminate as may of them as we can. We provide fully mobile physiotherapy services to our patients in their home or preferred environment. Our “mobile” physiotherapy clinic is stocked with fully portable versions of all of the equipment that you would find in a high-end physiotherapy clinic in your community. However small your space, whether it is your living room, kitchen, back porch, or office, we make it work. Once you call us, you can expect to chat with our physiotherapy coordinator, who will get to know you and your goals. We will then match you with the expert physiotherapist in your area who specializes in your condition. The physiotherapist will call you within 24-48 hours to schedule your first appointment.

Who chooses home physiotherapy?

Home physiotherapy is not a new concept. Patients have been choosing to engage in physiotherapy in their own homes for decades. But, it is only recently that home physiotherapy can be truly offered at a comparable level to that of a high-end clinic. Recent technological advances have allowed small and portable versions of most of the equipment that you would find in a physiotherapy clinic. This, paired with high-tech advancements in software, have taken the concept of mobile physiotherapy to the next level. In a world that is shifting to portable and home-based work, play, and social activity, it makes perfect sense that physiotherapy is following suit.

Our patients are of all ages and body types. Whether you are an elite athlete or a sedentary senior with a complex medical history, we can help. Read more about the specific conditions that we treat under services. Some common demographics of patients who find home physiotherapy particularly convenient are:

  1. Individuals with complex medical needs who have difficulty leaving home.
  2. Individuals recovering from surgery who cannot drive.
  3. Older adults in long-term care homes, organized by their loves ones.
  4. Young athletes looking for home strength and conditioning programs.
  5. Families or couples, who are treating in their home in “back-to-back” appointments.
  6. Mothers with new born babies or young children.
  7. Individuals suffering from social anxiety and other mental health conditions.
  8. Working adults who work from home (often treated on their lunch break!)
  9. Young children

Where do you travel?

We provide home physiotherapy to patients who live in Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, SD&G, and many towns in between. We treat in private homes, apartments, long-term care homes, offices, gyms, community parks, pools (hydrotherapy) and much more.

How are your prices comparable to a clinic despite having to travel to the patient?

Traditionally, home physiotherapy was vastly more expensive than physiotherapy in a clinic. At In-home Therapeutics, we do not believe that you should have to pay a premium for the convenience of home physiotherapy. There are two main reasons why we are able to offer prices that are comparable to those of traditional physiotherapy clinics.1. We lack the “overhead” of a clinic. The price of “overhead” for a physiotherapy clinic continues to grow. A large gym space in a downtown core can set the clinic owner back thousands of dollars a month (tens of thousands in some cases). In order to make this money back and still make a profit, the clinic owner must see several patients an hour at a high rate. Simply put, no overhead means no high fees.2. We only conduct home physiotherapy. We are a 100% mobile company. Some physiotherapy clinics offer home physiotherapy as an added service, outside of their regular clinic appointments. To justify the loss of revenue from leaving their typical schedule, they must increase their rate. For example, a physiotherapist who sees 3 patients an hour at a clinic must charge the in-home patients the exact cost of those 3 patients in order to come up even. Our strictly mobile model allows us maximise efficiency, and by doing so spend longer with patients at a lower price.

Can your services be covered by insurance?

Yes. Our services are covered by most private insurance companies. Our physiotherapy services can also covered by WSIB, BlueCross, and Veterans Affairs

Do I need a doctors referral to see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are considered primary care practitioners and therefore you do not need a doctors referral to make an appointment. In rare cases, your private insurance may required a doctors referral in order to get reimbursed for treatment.

What locations can you treat me at?

Most of our clients choose to get treated in their home. But, we can treat you wherever is most convenient for you. We commonly treat patients in their home, long-term care homes, offices, and schools. Our clinic is fully equipped and 100% portable. As long as the space is safe; whatever you have available, however small, can be made to work.

Can I arrange for you to visit someone else?

Many of our patients have their physiotherapy arranged by a loved one or caregiver. If it is more convenient for you to have your appointments arranged by someone you trust, we can have all details regarding the appointment done online or over the phone. We keep a credit card on file so that no payment is exchanged at the appointment.

How do I modify or cancel an existing appointment?

If you wish to modify or cancel an existing appointment, please let your physiotherapist know at a prior appointment with as much of notice as possible. If you need to make a last minute cancellation, please do so by calling us at (343) 370-7393. Your physiotherapist will reach out to you to reschedule.