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Registered Physiotherapist

Daniel Habashi

Daniel is a physiotherapist who recently graduated from the Master of Science Physiotherapy program at Queen’s University. Daniel grew up in Oakville and Mississauga, where he attended a secondary French high school, allowing him to remain bilingual in English and French. Since his teenage years, Daniel had a passion in anatomy and sports, which led him to the career as a physiotherapist. During his time at Queen’s University, he had the opportunity to work with variety of patients, ranging from military cadets to residents in long term care and patients in acute hospital settings. Daniel’s approach consists of tailoring each interaction and treatments to the patients’ individual goals to guide them to their best physical self. This includes educating patients about their health, prescribing the appropriate stretches and/or exercises, as well as providing appropriate manual therapy treatments. As he grows into his physiotherapy career, Daniel will continue to educate himself and take post-graduate courses in order to stay up to date with the medical research and provide the best available care to his patients.